Time to reveal what I’m reviewing next week. Oh and there’s also a shameless plug.

Since I won’t be writing a review on this blog this week (normal service will be back next week) I figured some of you might be interested to hear that over on The Gamer Headlines my review of Warhammer Quest for Steam has been uploaded.

Basically I’m just promoting my own work right now and I can promise this won’t happen often but I figured some of you might want to check it out. Here’s the link: http://www.gamerheadlines.com/reviews/warhammer-quest-review-pc-version/.

Any come back next Friday when I’ll be checking out the animated version of Blood Lad.

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New writing job.

So if anybodies read that little bio about myself you’d know that I also work as a games writer.

Well today I joined a new gaming website called The Gamer Headlines so if you have a interest in gaming news and don’t mind reading my more professional writings then check it out. Here’s a link: http://www.gamerheadlines.com/.

Unfortunately this means no more anime reviews here as I just can’t juggle writing for a site, this blog and pretending that I have a life. So this is bye I guess, well for now anyway as this blog always seems to have a way to come back doesn’t it (nervous laughter). Thank you everybody for taking the time to read my stuff.



Game Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Game Stats

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Developers: Firaxis Games

Co-op: No

Multiplayer: Yes and its online

While playing XCOM I couldn’t help but wonder why aliens would want to invade Earth or in the case of Mass Effect 3 try and destroy it because let’s be honest let’s not exactly the healthiest of planets but still people keep making games based around the premise.

XCOM: Enemy Known follows this exact premise so in order to combat the invasion, all the countries in the world decide to put all there hope into the XCOM project along with only a small amount of funding despite the fact that it’s the planets only hope. Anyway you’re the Commander, the leader of XCOM and must make all the decisions from what to research to which countries to leave to the aliens because apparently the rest of the world’s armies are useless and XCOM could only afford one passenger plane.

Get used to seeing this the first few times you play

XCOM doesn’t really have a plot to it which is a shame because on the last mission the aliens basically narrate why very enemy you fought are fighting for them and why they invaded and it was actually pretty cool and it’s a shame that they couldn’t have had that for more of the game.

XCOM’s gameplay is split into two different game types. The first is base management. The base is laid out like you looking at an ant farm and it’s easy to navigate around. Here you can customise you team load out or renaming them and there nicknames or if you bought the game new change the colour of their armour. Um why can you only do this if you bought the game new or will buy the eventual DLC? Also despite the fact that your team members come from all over the world they all have American accents for some reason.

Again why the hell did they remove the ability to customize your character for those who buy new or future DLC?

Along with customising your team you can also research alien technology so you can make them yourself and also make your base larger by building labs and workshops for example but you’ll also need to build generators to power them all up and have to build elevators to reach lower levels. Unlike most games however XCOM takes into account that research and building certain things like satellites takes time so after you select what you want done you’ll have to wait a couple of days before you can get it and you’ll be told beforehand how long it will take. This is a great idea because it makes you consider if it’s worth doing something now or waiting till later when it can be done quicker even though by then it may not be as useful.

The second game type is combat. You’re only aloud to bring up to six soldiers with you on a mission although to be allowed to do this you first have to purchase the ability to do so in the officer training school. The combat itself is turn based with you always going first and is cover based and you’ll always now if you’re in full or half cover. It is a bit annoying however that the combat is also based on percentages so there will be times when you’ll miss every shot even if some of them were over 80% but then again there will also be times when you’ll hit every single shot although you can use explosives but doing so destroys the weapons the aliens were using. Also if you’re feeling brave you can also capture some aliens so you can interrogate them or torture them by the looks of things although to do this you have to get close and there’s a chance you can screw this up. Doing this allows you to keep the weapons they were using them and lets you use them after you researched who to make them.

Your soldiers can also get promoted into one of four classes and as they get more promotions you can choose between two perks for each level except the first. Only a short few of these are obvious like the snapshot for your sniper or allowing your medic to carry three medikits. The problem however is that which class you get is completely random so chances are sometimes you’ll end up with more soldiers of the same type then are needed.

When your soliders miss 90% shots, you can’t help but wonder if XCOM are hiring drunks

Now would probably be a good time to mention XCOM’s difficulty. You see in XCOM there is a big difficultly gap between normal and classic because in normal you get higher hit chances, less enemies to fight and at the start you have more facilities already built so I’d recommend doing the tutorial when you start playing either classic or impossible mode so you’ll get and a little breathing room. There’s also an Ironman mode if you want to make things even harder on yourself. Here the game saves after every turn and thing you do into only one save file so you can’t reload the game if you screw up you can’t just reload to fix whatever just happened.

Finally there is the online multiplayer. How it works is that before the match both players are given the same number of points to spend on buy soldiers and aliens for their teams so yes there is a way to play as the alien’s in-game. For the humans you’ll need to buy them weapons, items and classes which do make them expensive but you can do more with them. The aliens are cheaper and more fun to play as with only one alien type not being available which sounds disappointing until you learn which one they removed, then your grateful. Multiplayer itself then plays the same as in the campaign as both players take turns moving and attacking although there is a time limit to hurry you up. Multiplayer is fun and it adds to the games already impressive longevity but it also feels a little tacked-on with only five maps.

Half of the fun of multiplay is trying to make the best team you can with only a limited number of points

That was XCOM enemy unknown and it’s definitely worth buying if you want a game that will fight back and if you’re willing to continue playing even after the game wipes out your squad again and again.

Game Review: Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 (Wii Edition)

Game Rating

Platforms: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, DS, PC
Developers: Lucas Arts, Krome Studios, n-Space
Co-op: No
Multiplayer: Yes but its offline

Usually at the start of my reviews I like to write who made the game and the previous entries in that series but let’s be honest here, everyone and their dog knows who George Lucas is and how his milking the stars wars universe till there’s nothing left.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, sorry couldn’t help it. Anyway you play as Starkiller who became Darth Vader’s secret apprentice after Vader kills your father in a tutorial. You’re tasked by Vader to kill rouge Jedi and to occasionally take a tour of the same Jedi Temple to prepare yourself so you and Vader can kill the Emperor. The plan however backfires after the Emperor finds out and pulls on Vader’s lease and by that I mean he kicks your ass and throws you into space. Somehow you survive the vacuum of space and have to build support for a rebellion so Vader can kill the Emperor while his distracted because if first you don’t succeed.

The story is fine and does a good job of bridging the Star Wars prequels and sequels. Or at least it does if you choose the good ending because for some stupid reason just before the final battle you get a choice to either bridge the movies LIKE THE GAME WAS MEANT TO DO or open up the ending for the DLC that was released and isn’t even available for the Wii version.

Think Starkiller uses the force lightning to save on electricity bills

The game uses the Wii remote to control the lightsaber and the remotes mic even makes the sound the lightsaber make which is a nice touch. You can do plenty of combos and unlock more but you won’t because the force powers are overpowered and more fun because along with force lightning you can use force choke and push them off cliffs along with more powers you can unlock with your experience points. Ok so you can’t use your powers for too long without filling the force gauge but relax because the gauge refills quickly so you’ll only be getting the force powers making your lightsaber kind of useless.

The game graphics are boring with area’s getting reused and you can’t blame the Wii on this because it has some good-looking games like MadWorld and Super Mario Galaxy and most of the game feels empty. The game is also very short at only 4 to 5 hours long and a mission has been removed from the PS3 and Xbox version for some reason but the game’s biggest problem is that there’s no challenge because if you die you only lose a little experience and there are plenty of checkpoints. The game’s soundtrack is taken from the movies which is good but you’ll spend most of the game listening to the dark side theme.

The characters have stats as well but they make no difference

Finally there’s the multiplayer that’s exclusive to the Wii version which is called Duel Mode which is a two player fighting mode. To be fair there are a lot of characters to choose from but sadly they all play the same and again the force powers are overpowered so chances are when you’re playing the winner is going to be the first person to use the lightning which really makes me wonder why they bothered putting a lightsaber in the game if they’re going to make it so useless.

So that was my opinion on Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 for the Wii and while I did have some fun with it I’d recommend that it should only be a rent at most unless you’re a fan of Star War in which case you’ve probably already bought it.