Regular Reviews are back…. starting May

Yep you read the title right and considering the lack of posts here in recent times, probably read it four or five times but it’s true. From May onwards I’ll be finished college.

But with such a ocassion for this humble little blog how to celebrate? Well I could review a classic like Princess Mononoke or I could review some chibi like Lucky Star but I have a even bigger mindfuck in mind.

Yes on the second week of May (I have exams on the first ūüė¶ ) I’ll be reviewing Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan.

I’ll see you then but first a link to the anime in question:¬†








Guess whose back?

Wow has it been awhile but I’m back. Sorry for the stupidly long wait between reviews but college tends to be a bit of a time sink like that.

Thanks for all the comments which are currently sitting in my spam folder. It happens and honestly I have to ask. Why are people always commenting on the Deadpool post? Ah well I’m not complaining. Anyway there will be a review this week of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Should be up on Friday.

Before I finish this I want to quickly give you guys two links. The first is to an anime website called AniLinkz. It’s a awesome site with plenty of anime and cartoons that I learned off from my colleges anime club (yes they still exist). The second is to my new favourite comedy anime Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan. Just watch it, I can’t do it justice.


Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan:

Anyway enjoy and hope you enjoy my first anime review of 2014 this Friday.


So whats coming in two days

Hey I’m back first an apology. Yes I know I hinted that I’d finally be reviewing Akira, a movie that anybody whose read my previous items (thanks by the way) will know I’ve been avoiding but due to college and other reasons I couldn’t get my hands on it.

On the plus side however I’m reviewing the first issue/volume/whatever you call it of at manga and yes your going to have to wait to find out which one.

Unlike Akira I can guarantee you that this will happen because well I’m almost finished it actually.

So come around this Friday and no I’m not going to hint it with bad puns like it’s going to be a blast or let’s hope this review doesn’t cause my blog to end on a whimper and not a bang. Okay that last one wasn’t a pun but you get my point.

See ya then and thanks for being so patient.

Smuggler review news and Halloween review news

First of all sorry about the delay’s with the Smuggler review but with all the assignment’s due for my course it’s sort of been on the back of my mind till now. I finished writing it up earlier today so expect it to be put up sometimes this Thrusday/ Friday.

Speaking of reviews yes I will be doing one for this Halloween. Some of you who have looked at my previous reviews may remember that I said I would never review this but I feel a little guilty about not putting something up everyweek so I’m going to see if I can get a copy of Akira to review. This could be interesting.

No promises about the Akira review however because again I want to get a copy for myself because this anime is pretty big.


So you want to read manga online

Since I’ll soon be reviewing a manga for the first time I figured that I should do what I did with the anime and give everyone reading my blog two websites that they could go to if they want to read some for themselves.

Honestly I suggest that if at all possible you buy the manga instead but that can be expensive and unless you can find a store that specialises in it, store only tend to stock well-known series like Naruto while here you can get a greater variety to read.

Anyway here’s the links to two of my favourite sites Mangareader¬†and also Mangafox

The cool thing about Mangareader is that if your reading an unfinished manga series and you’d love to keep up to date with its releases, you can give them your e-mail address after finishing the last chapter. This way you’ll get e-mails as to when the next issue comes out and thankfully they don’t spam your e-mail account either.



Wow a new post

Well it’s been a little while but I’m sort of back to posting. Anyone who been reading my posts for a while (thank you by the way) may remember that I said that I’d be doing manga reviews but then I never did due to college.

Well since I’m currently in a postion where I can’t watch much anime I’m going to start reviewing manga. Now I still won’t be doing these as often as the anime reviews but I really want to give this a try so bear with me.

The manga I’ll be reviewing is a one-shot by Shohei Manabe called “Smuggler” which I just found out was made into a live-action movie in October 2011. The more you know I guess. Anyway I’m not sure when this will be finished because again this is a first for me.

Bad news I’m afraid

For those of you who don’t know, come September I’ll be going to college. Now while this is a good thing because I’m doing a print journalism course unfortunatly I won’t be able to do reviews here as often as I want which is a shame because I really like writing here even if the stuff isn’t always the best “cough” Damekko Dobutsu “cough”.