Anime Review: Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Bleach_memories_coverAnime Stats

Directed By: Noriyuki Abe

Written By: Masashi Sogo and Tite Kubo

Music By: Shiro Sagisu

Cinematography: Toshiyuki Fukushima 7

Distributed By: Toho (Japan), Viz Media (North America)

Release Date: December 16th 2006

Run Time: 96 minutes

Well it certainly has been awhile since I last looked at something from the Bleach series. Well to be exact its been nearly 2 years since I covered the first 20 episodes of its first season with a Lets look at. Well its time to return to Tite Kubo series with its first movie titled Memories of Nobody.



Taking place after the Soul Society arc, Memories of Nobody kicks off with Ichigo and Rukia saving a pure soul from a hollow. Shortly after this (and some cringeworthy comedy involving Ichigo and some paramedics) the movie remembers that there’s a plot and we’re introduced to Nobodies after they mysteriously appeared in Karakura Town.

These Nobodies (or Blanks as there called in the Japanese versions) are white ghost like beings which are the results of a spirit not reaching the Soul Society. Now they endlessly search for anything related to the former lives and for some reason are prone to attack, seamlessly at random.

At the start the only clue the Shinigamis have on what’s going on it is that a mysterious group are somehow controlling these things and searching for the Memory Rosary. Besides that there’s also the matter of the new character Senna, a carefree, upbeat girl who somehow has the power to turn into a shinigami

Something that surprised me about the Memories of Nobody is how much I enjoyed the movie. The reason for this is because since its tied to a (at the time) ongoing series I though it would be the usual higher production value show with disposable characters and villains that I would find forgettable, think the Disgaea anime.

Please, please I'm willing to hug all of you, just wait your turn.

Please, please I’m willing to hug all of you, just wait your turn.

A scene that sticks out to me in the movie was when Ichigo and Senna found the pure spirit of a little kid. While Ichigo would usually just send them to the Soul Society without a worry, Senna instead decided that she would help the kid find his dad who died at the same time. That scene sticks out to me because it showed off Senna so well. She’s a carefree free spirit sure, but she always tries to help out whoever needs it.

The worst thing about Memories of Nobody by far is the forgettable villains. They’re all members of a former clan in the Soul Society who were exiled because of some reason that’s never explained.

Were did he get that spear? I'm just asking because it never appears again.

I could make so many dirty jokes right now but I won’t.

They call themselves “Dark Ones” which is a generic name in and of itself and due to being exiled, they now want to destroy both the Soul Society and the Human World by using a Nobody and Memory Rosary bomb. Why they want to destroy the Human world too is beyond me but they basically have the moral compass of a Saturday morning cartoon villain. There also made because of how boring they are. They all dress the same and they all have no real personality or personal goals.  A least their fight scenes with the captains are awesome.

Speaking of the fight scenes, the extra production values really do them wonders. Every fight scene in the movie is a feast for the eyes, especially the ones involving the captains. Fans are going to love watching the Bleach captains going to work against the bad guys, as each captain pulls out their own bankais and weapons. Or in the case of Kenpachi its hard not to smile watching him fight.

I quickly want to bring up the new character Senna and Ichigo again because when the movie started, Ichigo really didn’t like her. Shes loud, always getting distracted and she is more interested in riding the ferris wheel, then helping Ichigo.  However as time goes on Ichigo started to grow more attached to Senna as they spend time and we learn why the villains are after her Ichigo is the only one that stands by her.

The reason why the villains are after her is because SPOILER ALERT Senna is the Memory Rosary that both sides are after. What this is means is that Senna is mostly just a collection of other people’s memories but underneath all that, Ichigo recognised that like everyone else she feels happiness, pain and more. Because of this he is willing to defend her even from the Soul Society who only want to lock her up so no-one can get to her.

The least they could have done is give each member of the "Dark Ones" a different design.

The least they could have done is give each member of the “Dark Ones” a different design.

The Memory Rosary and the Blanks are also themselves interesting because until the movie came out, we always just assumed that the souls always made it to the Soul Society. The idea of a soul losing its way to the Soul Society and eventually losing what they are and becoming a Blank is a level of sadness and depth that I didn’t expect from a tie-in movie of all things.

It’s because of this and how much I liked Senna as a character, that I was annoyed when the movie tries to pulled a Pokemon the First Movie and make it so the characters forget everything. The reason the movie gives is because you can’y remember the memories of a Nobody. Thankfully though it’s revealed during the credits that Ichigo remembered her.

Speaking of the ending, some viewers will be annoyed that nothing from the movie every really cares over to the main series. The movie is basically just filler but as far as filler goes, its pretty awesome. That being said its a shame that the movie is never really brought up again.

Hope your impressed by my bankai because I only do it once in the whole movie.

Hope your impressed by my bankai because I only do it once in the whole movie.

Animation wise Bleach: Memories of Nobody looks great with awesome visuals, especially during the already mentioned boss fights. While the movie has some nice songs, there are some boring ones too.

So that’s my review of Bleach: Memories of Nobody and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. Sure the movie had some cringeworthy attempts of comedy and the pace dragged a bit early on but I really liked Senna as a character. On top of that the movies fight scenes were awesome and they’re a treat for fans of the series. That being said I can only really recommend Bleach: Memories of Nobody to fans because the film isn’t very newcomer friendly.

Anyway that’s my review of Bleach: Memories of Nobody and remember to come back next time when I’ll be reviewing the quite frankly insane show known as FLCL.

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No review this week sorry : (

As you may have guessed from the heading, I won’t be reviewing Katanagatari this week because I’ve been sick for most of this week and I have to prepare for a interview next week for a college course.

While I know this sucks, I will be reviewing the show next week and I will also review something the week afterwards to keep the schedule as it stands now.

Also I just want to mention that while I won’t be reviewing it right now, Katanagatari is awesome and you need to check it out. Here’s a link, just watch this show.

Before I leave this blog till next week I just want to give you another link to a music video about a certain badass called Segata Sanshiro, a gaming hermit who beat the crap out of people who didn’t play games seriously.

Sorry again for the delays but see you all next week.

Wow a new post

Well it’s been a little while but I’m sort of back to posting. Anyone who been reading my posts for a while (thank you by the way) may remember that I said that I’d be doing manga reviews but then I never did due to college.

Well since I’m currently in a postion where I can’t watch much anime I’m going to start reviewing manga. Now I still won’t be doing these as often as the anime reviews but I really want to give this a try so bear with me.

The manga I’ll be reviewing is a one-shot by Shohei Manabe called “Smuggler” which I just found out was made into a live-action movie in October 2011. The more you know I guess. Anyway I’m not sure when this will be finished because again this is a first for me.

Anime Review: Naruto the movie: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Anime Stats

Directed By: Hirotsugi Kawasaki

Produced By: Studio Pierrot

Written By: Kawasaki and Yuka Miyata

Released By: Toho Company Ltd

Run Time: 97 minutes

Release Date: August 5th 2005

It’s honestly kind of hard to believe that I’m only now reviewing a Naruto related item considering just how damn popular this actually became but it’s time to finally remedy that by reviewing Naruto the movie: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel.

The Legend of the Stone of Gelel is actually the second movie in the series with the first being “Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow” and in total there has been nine movies in total with the latest being “Road to Ninja” which was released July 28th last year.

In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid this series till now Naruto follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, a orphaned kid who lives in the Village hidden in the Leafs and dreams of being the Hokage which is a title given to the strongest ninja in the village.

These two are just in the anime to die. Sorry to spoil that but they have no other reason to exist in it.

Oh and this series versions of ninja’s are people who occasionally use stealth but mainly use moves called Jujitsu to do things ranging from shooting fireballs to summoning giant animals so yeah calling them ninjas is a bit of a stretch.

But hang on a second I have to mention the previous works of Hirotsugi Kawasaki. His most recent work is 2011’s Legend of the Millennium Dragon as well as 1998’s Spriggan. On a side note also in 1988 he has the key animator on something called Akira whatever the hell it is so let’s actually start talking about the film.

The film starts off with action as we see the sand ninja’s getting beaten to hell by a group of what I can only call walking tanks with the amount of armour there wearing. Anyway Gaara appears and crushes them all before an offshore warship fires on them.

For some reason I’ve always liked the childish old man sterotype in anime. Maybe its because they just tend to be very funny.

After that the movie does a quick 180 and we see favourite over active ninja Naruto as well as Shikamara and Sakura as they catch a ferret for a mission because in this world this is what ninja’s do. On the way back they get attacked by the same things that attacked the sand ninjas and there being led by a guy dressed as a knight called Temujin but they both get knocked off a cliff when there moves connect.

Temujin happens to be the main new character in this movie who is also an orphan till he meet his Lord Master Haido who is a man that dreams of making a utopia and needs the stones of Gelel to achieve this goal because the stones are said to contain the essence of life.

Temujin himself happens to be a fairly interesting character since it’s shown that he has an insane level of devotion for Master Haido to the point where he sacrificed his friends because Haido claims that sacrifices are required to achieve this dream. His definitely a better character than Haido and their three female characters whose names I’m sure where never really mentioned and serve only for something for Gaara, Sakura and Shikamara to do and they were complete blank slats as far as characters go.

I’m not the only one who thinks his dressed like a pope right

While Temujin happens to be the animes most interesting character Master Haido is the most disappointing and by the way spoilers ahead. He is the head of the organisation and for some reason is dresses and talks like the pope. He spends most of the film acting like a caring man till near the end when he gets to his goal his personality then makes a complete 180, goes on a egomaniacal rant and even blatantly tells Temujin that he destroyed his family. What reason would he do that?

He then turns into what I can only call a muscled version of the love child of Jiraya and Orchimaru would look like and gets his ass kicked after boosting about his powers of course.

Seriously the backgrounds in the movie look really cool sometimes

Anyway the films’ ending isn’t that bad and they do give a decent reason for why Temujin doesn’t appear in the show itself although there’s a point near the very end where Temujin almost kills himself to save everyone but Naruto shows up and then saves him because Naruto’s like that. I don’t know why but I feel that if Temujin had died it would have felt better because we never do see the character again.

The films animation looks very good and some of the backgrounds look really nice as if they were hand painted like in “The Girl Who Leapt through Time” and the films theme doesn’t suck but it’s not great.

So that’s Naruto the movie: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel and I enjoyed it with its nice animation, fun fighting scenes and Temujin is an interesting character but sadly the villains are disappointing especially Master Haido but if you like Naruto then give this movie a try because it’s fun in the right mind set.

The next months review schedule

Since I did it last month I’ll be putting up a schedule for what animes I’ll be reviewing next. So after this weeks “The Sky Crawlers” I’ll be reviewing “X” (TV version) followed by that months Pokemon movie “Lucario and the mystery of Mew”. After that its the orginal version of “Hellsing”.

The last review for next month will be the most up to date review on-site so far because I’ll be reviewing the first seasion of “Baku and Test Summon The Beasts” so the next months reviews should be interesting if nothing else.

Advice wanted and blog news.

So after watching this weeks movie that I’m reviewing which is Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai I decided that once a month I’m going to review one Pokemon movie since I grew up with Pokemon and despite being 20 I still play the games even if I don’t watch the anime.

Also I’ve added this post for the blog because I would like people to send advice to help me improve as a reviewer.